The German driver was driving with the world champion’s number “1” at the time, and the vehicle on the Czech highway has the number “7” painted on it, which is most likely a tribute to Schumacherwho has been Formula 1 world champion seven times.

The cars are not approved for road traffic in the Czech Republic. The vehicles do not meet the legal conditions and specifications that are necessary for drivers on public roads. The driver of the car is at risk for driving on the freeway fine and deprivation of the driving license for one year.

As it turns out, the vehicle from the Czech highway is a car that used to start in the GP2 series, a the owner of the vehicle is known to the police. This is not the first time that he has traveled on public roads with his racing car.

In 2019, he managed to avoid punishment. The Czech media wrote then that the officers were not able to prove that the owner was the driver through the helmet.

Now the police want to investigate. The statement quoted by shows that will be checked when and where the video published on the internet was madeand the officers want to establish the identity of the driver.