In his beginnings as a professional soccer player, Colombian striker Hugo Rodallega was a fundamental part of the Colombian team to win the 2005 South American Under-20 Championship. There he stood out for his scoring quota, scoring 11 goals. For this reason, the gunner was key for the “Tricolor” to qualify for the World Cup held in the Netherlands.

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At that time, the attacker was part of Deportes Quindio, a team in which he managed to stand out for some seasons. So much so that he aroused the interest of the Spanish scout from Real Madrid, who was in Colombian territory looking for young people who could contribute to this prestigious team.

When everything indicated that Hugo Rodallega’s dream of reaching one of the biggest teams in the world was going to come true, the interest of the Spanish team fell after the conversations he had with the player’s representative.

Given this situation, the then president of Deportes Quindío, Hernando Ángel, clarified the issue with former soccer player Gonzalo Martínez through his social networks.

“After we were champions of the South American we met with the scout together with Hernando Ángel. That man said that Real Madrid wanted to buy me to start playing for Castilla (the Spanish club’s youth team) “

However, a particular fact arose that day, since the representative asked the striker to leave the office while he clarified some issues.

“I left that office and everything ended there. What he did was damage the interest that those people had. Who knows what he asked for? After that meeting, that man (the scout) came, said goodbye to me and told me: ‘You are a great player, we would have loved to have you, but your representative does not want to give in’»

After this unsuccessful signing, the top scorer from the Colombian coffee team went through important teams in Colombia such as Deportivo Cali before traveling abroad to play with important teams in Mexico, England, Brazil and Turkey.

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