Update: Toyota has decided to win with fire. After leaking a blurry image of the new Tundra this morning, Toyota responded by posting a higher-quality picture of the white truck you see in front of you on Twitter-and targeting those who spilled the beans earlier today ‘S shy tweet.

First picture of what it looks like Toyota Tundra 2022 It has surfaced online, allegedly leaked from a virtual display of a dealer.Then someone posted the leaked new Tundra photos to the TundraCrew Facebook group, where they spread to the wider internet through the following methods Tundra Net.

The real surprise appears at the rear-when we first see the buttocks of the Tundra we will find the interesting three-pole taillights. On this TRD Pro, another set of amber logo lights on the top of the tailgate and the Match the logo lights. There are also a lot of thick plastic body armor elements on the truck.

So far, there are no photos of the interior of the truck, nor any of the Tundra models under the TRD Pro trim that focuses on off-roading. (In today’s Tundra lineup, TRD Pro tops the list, including upgraded shock absorbers, suspension lifts and special styling elements.) Later, the new Tundra will be officially shown to the world-not just the screen Distributors scratching the itch this year.

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