It turns out that Tim Tebow is very good at two things: selling jerseys and being laid off.

Tebow Tight End experiment Come to an abrupt end In Jacksonville, the Jaguars released the game from QB to outfielder to tight-fitting on Tuesday morning. This was one of the first games released during the first promotion during the NFL training camp.

After all, the question remains: Who is this for? Is this going to the locker room? Is it for competition? Is it for publicity?

All this is open to discussion, but one thing is certain: this is not the hope of winning the football game for the team. Tebow’s nightmarish lonely appearance in live matches during the 2022 preseason is legendary (And memes) The next few years may be the driving force for Tebow’s release on Tuesday.

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The following are some of the low points in Tebow’s 23-13 Browns victory last weekend, and these games are doomed to the quarterback/tight end comeback story.

Tebow’s only chance to grab the ball in the 2022 preseason was actually intercepted by his own teammate, wide receiver Tavern Austin, who jumped in front of Tebow to grab the ball. Open circuit? Broken play? may be.

But more important than no reception is that at the forefront of Tebow’s disastrous night is a pair of deterring stupid behaviors.

This main course, This beauty: Thibault left his feet to block a lineman, sniffed on the interception, stood up, spinning like in a disco bar, dancing to the song of Bee Gees, lowering his hat, and stabbing with a spear Into the chest of his offensive winger.

The tenure of Tebow’s Jaguars will always be highly analyzed and provide good Twitter material for future generations.

But if the history of sports has taught us anything, it is that Tebow Time will never really end.


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