Dream Street Restoration (DSR) has a reputation for Proton models because this local clothing company is good at restoring and improving image Satria GTi with Satria R3, We were all in paultan.org prior to.

There are other project vehicles in the company’s stables, including Putra 1.8 and Wira 1.8 DOHC EXi (commonly known as C99 Limited Edition). The latter is Suriya Sankaran’s private car. He is the founder of DSR. He now runs DSR with his son Dharveen Suriya.

Originally conceived by Proton as a special certification in compliance with FIA regulations, Wira with a “tiangol” rear spoiler is a real road rally car. By adding additional safety kits, such as a roll cage, the C99 limited edition can participate in the FIA-approved rally, which Zulia did in the late 1990s.

However, when the race was over, the roll cage fell off and Suriya used the car as his daily car to replace his family or let him go to work. Speaking of this, his career path is immersed in motorsports because he was a member of the Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT) and then held positions in the Proton R3 department from 2008 to 2012.

However, it was during his time at Shell Malaysia that Suriya experienced one of the most special experiences of his life. In 2003, he was responsible for managing the sports of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro team during the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix. His Wira attracted the attention of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher (then five-time world champion).

You may have read news articles about Schumacher driving our national car in the past, but Suriya’s new video posted on DSR’s YouTube and Facebook pages gives us a deeper understanding of what happened that day.

On that special day, Schumacher had just concluded the Marlboro press conference at the Pan Pacific Hotel Sepang (cigarette advertising was allowed at the time), and planned to attend another press conference at Cyberview Lodge in Cyber ​​Jaya .

The original plan was to own an MPV ferry Rain teacher Go to the venue with the racing team staff, but Schumacher asked to drive Wira instead. This obviously surprised Suriya, and he agreed, because people often say that their private cars are driven by one of the most successful F1 drivers of all time, right?

In the video, Suriya detailed Schumi’s drive from Sepang to Cyberjaya, including interesting tidbits and of course the 236 km/h the car managed to reach along the way. If you must watch a video today, this is it.

Many years have passed since that decisive day, but Wira is still in Suriya’s hands, even though it no longer wears the Shell Helix uniform and is repainted white. The roll cage remains outside the car, but it can be reinstalled at any time, and the oil sump guard during the rally is still there. More importantly, Schumacher’s signature on the signed photo presented to Suriya was recreated and sprayed on the hood to remind people that the car was driven by a living legend. An amazing story, of course.


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