Elon Musk named the new three-motor high-performance variant 2022 Tesla Model S “Grid” Because I like movies Space ball Said that this is the only step beyond “ridiculous”, “ridiculous” is the predecessor in the Model S lineup.So what if there is Yes Beyond plaid and Cancel grid+? According to sources In the company, There is no reason Tesla can’t make four motors Model If it wants.

Why did Tesla make a four-motor Model S?

There are two main reasons: greater power and greater traction, which may improve the launch of Model S, and Actually give it a 0-60 mph time of less than 2.0 seconds without any gimmicksAccording to the cross-sectional view below, due to the current layout of the Model S Plaid, it has two motors on the rear axle to drive each rear wheel, one on the front axle, which mainly drives the right front wheel.

Our sources say that these carbon sleeve motors are identical and are suitable for a total system output of 1,020 hp and a torque of 1,050 lb-ft. This means that each produces approximately 340 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque.

Adding an additional front motor to Model S will theoretically increase horsepower to 1,360 horsepower and increase torque to 1,400 lb-ft. Increasing the weight of the motor (plus the driving force of the motor itself) may help provide more power to the car. Good traction and performance.

Why doesn’t Tesla produce the four-motor Model S?

As our source said, Tesla does not feel the need to make a four-motor Model S at all. Model S Plaid’s dual-motor rear drive can be mounted on the front axle, but it will be further reduced An already smaller frunk And reduce the efficiency of the car, while increasing cost and complexity. Our source also pointed out that Model S Plaid is already at the forefront of the performance envelope, so it is more risky to develop the automaker’s first four-motor system.

Model S Plaid’s current three-motor system is expected to be used Cyber ​​Truck with Sports car, If any one reaches production. Rivian It looks like it will be the first car manufacturer to introduce a four-motor system, which is its standard configuration R1T with R1S Pickup trucks and SUVs. General Motors is not far behind.This GMC Hummer Electric Pickup It will be equipped with a four-motor power system when it goes on sale later this year.

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