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When the countdown clock for the Olympic Games outside Tokyo Station ticked to zero, the first group of selfie-takers arrived on the scene to capture this moment. Host city wakes up Sweaty. It’s not just that the “mild” weather promised in the tender documents has given way to the belligerent flames of the normal Japanese summer.

The disturbing reason is that Japan is constantly being visited by the ghosts of the past, present and future three Olympic Games. The question is whether there will be some epiphany in this grand moral story.

Japan’s contact with the ghosts of the Olympics’ past is the most direct: the ghost floats on top of the national pillow, as a memory of an ambitious country’s greatest days in the future. 1964 Tokyo Olympics It was promoted as Japan’s triumphant re-emergence as a modern industrial power on the global stage. It is not difficult to see why Japan was so eager to regain this spirit through another Olympic Games after the devastating earthquake in 2012.

At the same time, the specter of the Olympics has plagued Japan in a double dilemma, namely, the choices it made and what might happen in a world without Covid-19.This The decision to host the Olympics Despite public opposition and the increasing number of infections both inside and outside the Olympic Games, Japan’s major medical voices have also issued clear warnings. Despite public opposition, pandemic measures have been taken.

The government took great risks and deliberately sacrificed the moral authority that the circus needed after it left the town. The Japanese public has slightly more contempt and accusations of the cunning manipulators of the International Olympic Committee than their own government members. This seems to be done in the best gamble.

At the same time, the two-week spectacle will continue to provide a glimpse of the “otherwise” Tokyo 2020 Olympics phantom-the city’s wonderful performances $25 billion has been spent Put it on, but now it must be staged in front of phantom audiences who only watch it on TV.The impeccable stadiums, organizations, the generous welcome of volunteers and the absolute greatness of Tokyo are still visible, but what is maddening is that they are out of reach behind The reality imposed by the pandemic And the organizer’s artificial countermeasures.

The third specter—the future of the Olympics—helps explain why Japan decided to host the Olympics when faced with so many events that might reasonably be able to cancel or postpone the Olympics.This ghost is wearing Beijing 2022 And the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris-entries in the global diary, the gloomy Japanese speculation will certainly continue. Japan judges that they will do so, and the world will accept (no matter how uneasy) its long-term “covid” fate. In this case, 2020 will be the only Olympic Games that is seriously threatened by cancellation, and Tokyo does not want to be a city that the torch will skip during wartime and peacetime.

As with any moral story, these three interviews exposed the worst qualities of the subject. The long-term preparations for the incident have led to a steady stream of scandals and unforced errors, which have made many Japanese annoyed by their companies, bosses, government, and the media.Two men at the core of the opening ceremony this week were fired-one for Humiliating disabled children And boast about it, The other is the Holocaust joke -Added to a series of frustrations that feel completely avoidable (including the resignation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics president due to sexist remarks and the resignation of the Japanese Olympic Committee president due to the French corruption investigation).

For many people who follow the Japanese Olympic legends, these slaps on the face—sexism, racism, bullying—point to the fundamental flaws of Japanese society, and they are often left unresolved. So in March, Sasaki Hiroshi exits As the creative director, he once suggested that a female comedian of large size should appear at the opening ceremony as an “Olympic player”. My conversation with my Japanese friend was not about personal reproach, but about the inherently terrifying and permissible image People like him rise so high and come up with such hateful ideas.

The current excitement is watching people and behaviors that have decayed for a long time and collapsed so quickly without consequences. In recent months and the next two weeks, Japan has felt the attention in a way that it may never have before-a world that focuses its attention on that country as the host country of the Olympics preparing to make mistakes, and its own people. A government that is happy about it cannot be seen as supporting anything that is a little skeptical for the time being. In this strange Olympic window, historical mistakes may be corrected.

But will this translate into a change that can continue after the closing ceremony on August 8? Disappointingly, the answer may be no. The feeling of being scrutinized so carefully will pass; the trouble will prove to be temporary; Japan, which has become a master of dance art, will wake up and come to the conclusion that all this is just a dream, as if no one is watching.

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