As part of the NSW Commitment Plan, Louisiana adults who plan to receive education in high-demand fields will be able to apply for bursaries to attend community and technical colleges starting next summer.

Governor John Bell Edwards signed the MJ Foster Commitment Plan into law last week, Lafayette Daily Report. The state legislature will spend $10.5 million each year on an initiative named after former Governor Mike Foster. Students can receive up to $6,400 in training and degree programs.

Applicants must be at least 21 years old to be eligible, and must participate in a program that prepares for one of the state’s five developing industries: information technology, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics.

The author of the bill and the chairman of the Louisiana Senate, Page Cortez, said: “The MJ Foster Commitment Plan is the first such plan in our state’s history and will provide thousands of Louisianans provide opportunities and employment opportunities.” Lafayette Daily“Employers across the state are looking for skilled workers, and they often lack the resources needed for training.”

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