The Rome by Jose Mourinho He is giving a lecture on what a good transfer market is. The board of directors of the ‘la Loba’ club has already confirmed two world class stars and one more is about to arrive.

The first to arrive on the campus of the capital team was Nemanja Matic. The Serbian, in love with Mourinho, will once again share a dressing room with the Portuguese technical director. He already managed it at Chelsea, Manchester United and now in Rome. The balance that he gives to the midfield is something that the DT likes a lot and that is why he has taken it with him on three occasions.

The second and more surprising was Paulo Dybala. ‘La Joya’ ended the contract with the Juventus of Turin after leading the Italian giant’s lead for seven seasons. She decided to change the air, but wanted to continue in Italy. The Romanist project convinced him and he ended up arriving to the Rome Olympic Stadium team.

His signing caused a real earthquake in the city. He was received by around 10,000 ecstatic fans and when he arrived he was moved by the affection received.

“I am very proud to know them. Playing here has always been difficult for teams and now I want to get into the Olympic with all of you in the corner. All this will be a responsibility, but it will also be very pleasant. I want to get fit quickly for you. Rome was in my destiny because of what the city represented in my childhood. Go ahead, Rome, go ahead,” Dybala said.

Although it’s not official yet. from Italy confirm that Giorgino Wjnaldum will be a new player for Rome. It arrives as a loan with a mandatory purchase option of 10 million euros. He will go on to win 5 million euros and it only remains for him to carry out the relevant medical examinations.

the right side Clever Celik and the goalkeeper Mile Svilar They are the other new names of a team that has its fans more than excited.