After the shipowner reached a compensation agreement with Egypt, the Taiwan-operated ship left the Suez Canal last month.

The giant container ship once given, Blocking the Suez Canal for six days In March, this was the first time to cross the waterway after leaving Egypt after the incident.

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) said in a statement that the ship sailing from the UK to China entered the canal on Friday with a convoy of 26 ships sailing from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Another 36 ships crossed the waterway from the south.

Authorities stated that a group of senior SCA pilots and two tugboats escorted the Ever Give’s entire journey through the canal.

This Taiwan-operated vessel, one of the largest container ships in the world, crossed the canal in strong winds on March 23, causing a disruption in two-way traffic and disrupting global trade.

Once it was expelled, the 400-meter (1,312-foot) ship left Egypt on July 7 106 days after wedging into the southern section of the waterway.

translation: In the video… After unloading cargo from the UK and heading to China, this huge Panamanian container ship successfully transited in the northern escort on the return journey #SUEZCANAL

After Egypt released Ever Give Protracted negotiations SCA reached a settlement with the ship’s Japanese owner and insurance company. It arrived at the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands on July 29, and then headed to Felixstowe, England.

The terms of the transaction were not publicly disclosed, but Egypt initially requested compensation of more than US$900 million, which was later reduced to US$550 million.

An SCA employee was killed in the rescue operation.

In May of this year, Egyptian President Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi approved a two-year project aimed at widening and deepening the southern part of the canal, preventing ships from stranding and avoiding a recurrence of the crisis.

Egypt charges tolls for ships crossing the canal. The country said that the crisis caused losses of up to 15 million U.S. dollars per day, while maritime insurance companies estimated that the impact on world trade would reach billions of dollars.

Last month, SCA’s Osama Rabie stated that despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on world trade and the blockage of cargo ships, the canal brought Egypt a record 5.84 billion in the previous tax year. Dollar.

Approximately 15% of the world’s shipping volume passes through the Suez Canal, which is the shortest route between Europe and Asia.

Friday’s voyage through the canal was Ever Given’s 22nd voyage in the waterway.

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