One of the players who have marked the history of football is David Beckham who had a spell in important teams such as Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain and Manchester United where he managed to have excellent performances.

In recent days, the former English player made some statements about the footballer whom he has admired for several years for his career and good game in the Colombian team. There he named Pibe Valderrama who was one of the most outstanding soccer players in the 90s.

Similarly, he clarified that he had the opportunity to exchange the shirt with Valderrama in a match against the Colombian team.“His shirt is hanging in my house and it’s one that he really appreciated.”

Although the Colombian soccer player has been retired for several years, he has caused a great impact because important players such as Ronaldinho have shown their taste for soccer that he demonstrated for a long time at a national and international level.

After his retirement as a professional soccer player, David Beckham studied to be a technical director. Currently he is the owner of Inter Miami, a club that aims to bring great figures to consolidate a competitive team. Therefore, in recent times several figures such as Radamel Falcao and James Rodríguez have sounded to become part of this prestigious club.