Whether it is the Stanley Cup or not, someone is drinking.

The Tampa Bay Chargers have hosted their second Stanley Cup in multiple seasons and are celebrating because only the Tampa Bay team knows how: an epic cruise on the Hillsboro River in Florida .

After beating the Canadians in the 2021 Stanley Cup final, the Chargers went into the water to perform an epic game on Monday, and they seemed very excited. Chart A: Nikita Kucherov.

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The right winger fully accepted his role as the heel of the NHL playoffs because he was recently seen wearing a jersey with “$18 million in blocks”, which refers to the lightning team’s dispute over NHL salary (but Completely legal) to manipulate the cap of the season.

Kucherov kept having fun (or rowing) during the boat parade on Monday, which led to seemingly (read: very) flash interviews with journalists.

“Not real, everyone here is not real,” Kucherov said. “Love them all. Let’s have fun. Our time, baby, back to back, this is what we do….

“This is an unreal team, everyone is playing hard. I hope we can keep everyone, but this is a business. For now, let’s have fun, enjoy it, we deserve it. of.

(Editor’s note: Kucherov’s comment has been edited to eliminate drunken slander.)

Kucherov poured a bottle of Budweiser beer on the reporter and ended the interview.

Lightning fans also enjoy it. Some fans made their own Stanley cups out of beer cans and bowls…

…And the real Stanley Cup is a jet ski ride in person, just as Lord Stanley hoped.

It’s great to see the Chargers and their fans have another carnival in the playoffs. After all, water can conduct electricity.


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