The phrase “put it on the bill” has a new meaning in Rolls-Royce Good wood, UK, factory. The company now shares its headquarters with 15 ducks, which were rescued in early 2020 and re-released as adult ducks.

Rolls Royce Explain that in April 2020, one of the security guards, James Cafrey, found a group of seven ducklings in the company parking lot. He spent several hours observing the unexpected visitor from a distance before realizing that the mother duck would not return. Out of concern, he captured the birds with the help of colleagues and sent them to the Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital, which takes care of sick, injured and orphaned animals.

The goal of Brent Lodge is to release animals into their natural habitat as soon as possible, rather than keeping them in captivity. Seven siblings were raised and sent back to Rolls-Royce headquarters, and eight ducks were also rescued locally.The group goes to Goodwood in the back Cullinan, The honor that few people-let alone birds-experience. They are traveling in cages and allowing the ducks to move freely in the SUV would be disastrous. Rolls-Royce joked that its engineers are now considering using the duck as a unit to measure the trunk space.

Rolls-Royce’s new tenants live near the lake next to the factory, so they can be completely self-sufficient. There is enough food to sustain the entire clan.We don’t know if they will be asked to contribute something in exchange for living in Goodwood; 250,000 bees raised by the company Make honey This is specifically for customers, such as customers who fly in to pick up cars.If the duck egg comes with Your new phantom, You will know why.

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