we all know Electric cars have fewer moving parts than similar products driven by engines. No engine maintenance, no belt checks, no oil changes; the list is endless.As you might imagine, less inspection and maintenance of machinery and equipment has greatly reduced the cost of running an electric car. The US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy recently gave us an in-depth understanding how is it Cheaper electric vehicles can be used as part of government-owned fleets.

Numbers game

According to the office, the maintenance cost of internal combustion engine driven (ICE) vehicles is $0.101 per mile. Hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have lower operating costs, but only slightly lower, with operating costs per mile of US$0.094 and US$0.09 respectively. On the other hand, the operating and maintenance costs of all-battery electric vehicles are much lower, at only $0.061 per mile.

Now, a difference of only 4 cents per mile may not sound like much until you realize how many miles a year government-owned light vehicles travel. According to data from the U.S. General Services Administration, government-owned light vehicles drove 1,958,202,121 miles in 2019. A light vehicle is any government-owned sedan, SUV, or passenger car.

How much cheaper is an electric fleet?

As a way of oversimplifying (and helping to visualize) how much cheaper electric fleets are compared to ICE-powered vehicles, we will calculate the operating costs of the fleet, assuming they are all ICE-powered, and, in addition, it seems The fleet is 100% electric. result?

At $0.101 per mile, the maintenance cost of an ICE-powered government vehicle that drove 1,958,202,121 miles last year was $197,778,414. At the same mileage but at $0.061 per mile, the dollar figure is $119,450,329-which means that a hypothetical all-electric government fleet will save more than $78 million in maintenance costs.

The difference between these two values ​​is huge. However, keep in mind that this calculation does not even take into account how much the average fuel cost per mile of electric vehicles may save, which may widen the gap of $78 million to even more jaw-dropping amounts.although President Biden plans to replace every federal government-owned vehicle with an electric car made in the U.S. It won’t happen right away. If anything, such a move will eventually save the government a lot of money. In other words, if electric cars in circulation can directly replace the last light car in the government fleet.

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