Swing and miss.

The uniform of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game often has some connection with the town where it is located. Or, at least, it used to be that way.

This year, Major League Baseball and Nike teamed up to create a new All-Star game single. They looked like they were torn from a polo game in the late 1800s. A middle school student painted some balls on the front. Universal clip art font for team abbreviations.

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According to Chris Creamer of SportsLogos.Net, these uniforms will be worn during the All-Star Game, and the player uniforms of his natural team will be worn during the home run derby.

On the other hand, the hat is good, using the purple on the stars (His Majesty of Purple Mountain, and all) to highlight the positive team logo.

This year’s All-Star Game moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Colorado Major League Baseball withdrew from the introduction of Georgia’s controversial new voter law, Many people think this is an obvious attempt to suppress voters.

On Thursday, Major League Baseball fans and analysts joked on Twitter and expressed their dissatisfaction with the uniform:

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