You used “land yachts from the 1970s” to arouse my interest, and you reached an agreement with “driving through Scotland”.This will summarize the latest special show from ‘Grand Tour’ Starring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, will be released on July 30 Amazon Prime VideoCalled “Lochdown”, this is the first feature since the release of “Large Hunting” in December 2020.

Since then, the host has been busy with other projects, which have also been released on Amazon Prime, including James May’s delightful “Oh Cook!“Cooking Show, Jeremy Clarkson’s most recent”Clarkson’s Farm, “And Richard Hammond”Great escaper“Co-starring with Tory Belleci”Mythbusters“(Very disappointing, I did not pass the first episode).

As a semi-Scottish person who was completely amused by the land yachts of the 1970s, I totally agree with this premise. Actually quite envious. That one”Most upscaleBig headr” People are not using land yachts more frequently, considering the surprising They are inherently funnyBut hey, at least it looks like they are back to making fun of the proven staple of the British caravans. Some of the best”Most upscale“Be with them all the time towing Caravan, create your own caravan and turn the caravan into a train carriage.

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