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Wow, just wow.We were shocked The return of the Countach name Earlier this week, this was another amazing discovery! Honda’s Integra nameplate is not so exotic, but it is also iconic (different worlds, don’t fight). Yes, this is one thing, the new Honda Integra. Say it again, the new Honda Integra.

Okay, so it has not been confirmed that there will be a new “Honda Integra”, but it is a possibility. The official announcement and teaser image above (the name is printed on the bumper, following tradition) is actually Honda’s high-end brand Acura, which dropped a blockbuster during the ongoing California Monterey Car Week.

When Acura was launched in the United States in March 1986, Integra was one of the two models in the original product line, and a new model will rejoin the brand’s product line as a “new compact high-end entrant” next year.

“Integra is back. I am happy to say that Integra will return to the Acura lineup with the same driving fun spirit and DNA as the original, fulfilling our commitment to precision manufacturing performance in all aspects-design, performance and overall driving experience,” declared Jon Ikeda, Vice President and Brand Officer of Acura.

More detailed information about the new Acura Integra will be provided when it is launched in 2022.The big question now is whether there will be a car with the Honda logo elsewhere in the world, or whether this new model will look like TLX Type S sports car? Will the new Integra be the coupe version of TLX? In any case, I hope it is high-quality as described by Acura, and has a matching price tag.Coincidentally, the production of the second-generation NSX at the Acura Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio is coming to an end. 350 new NSX Type S Close that chapter, so there is room if needed.

By the way, the original Acura Integra was DC2 Type R with round lights, and The DC5 generation is sold in the U.S. as RSX, Although this one has reached the S-shape there. Only USDM? Come on Honda, we want Integra too!

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