Because the consolation match in their game was played a few hours after the US men’s basketball finals defeated France, Kevin Durant and his friends had to wait for a while before they could stand on the podium and listen to the national anthem. . When everyone receives a tray to choose a piece of metal, it seems hardly worth the effort, this piece of metal accounts for about 8.3% of the single gold medal they won for the United States at the Tokyo Olympics. It’s a bit embarrassing when they start arguing with each other which is worth accepting the final cut.

Yes, this is not what happened.

This is not the way the Olympics work, and it has never been.

So why does the world still score points this way?

So many people are beginning to believe that RBI is an empty statistic, but compared with the Olympic medal rankings, this is Einstein’s theory of relativity. They are ridiculous.

Decorate: Lillard stepped back so that the American team could move forward and win the gold medal

Instead, every U.S. men’s basketball player can choose from a pile of gold medals, and like many winning teams, the U.S. men’s basketball team chooses to hang the medals around the necks of neighboring teammates. Like their counterparts in the women’s basketball team, they left the Olympics with 12 gold medals. not one. However, in the number of medals widely disseminated through the media, each gender is considered a basketball gold medal.

People would think that nearly 20 years after “Moneyball” completely changed the way of processing statistical data in sports and analysis has become one of the most important aspects of achievement for almost all athletes, the number of Olympic medals should be able to more accurately reflect the occurrence of various competitions. Over 19 days in Tokyo.

I am not a statistical genius. One of my favorite aspects of the Journalism and Communication major at Point Park University is that there are no math requirements. But I can recognize when a basic set of numbers is lying.That’s why, in 2008, I invented Number of DeCourcy podiums (DPC).

Why is it called that? Well, this is my idea. You have obtained Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings, named after the creator Ken Pomeroy. You have Beyer Speed ​​Figures, named after Andrew Beyer, a longtime horse racing writer for the Washington Post. If someone wants to borrow my idea and call it something else, as long as it becomes a criterion for judging the performance of countries in each Olympic Games, I can accept it. I am so generous.

The United States is included in the number of medals In, a total of 39 gold medals and 113 medals have been won, ahead of the runner-up China in two categories (38 gold medals, 66 in total). This is not even close to being correct.

The number of people on the podium of DeCourcy affects how athletes participate in each victory—especially, how many people stand on the Olympic podium at the awards ceremony after each game. Using this more accurate calculation method, the United States has won a total of 99 gold medals and 252 medals. The Chinese team ended with 51 gold medals and 127 medals). The host, Japan, is partly because its victories in softball and baseball actually surpassed China, winning 63 gold medals and 124 gold medals.

It is unreasonable to treat 12 basketball players cooperating in two 90-second training sessions (qualifying and final) in 6 basketball games lasting 40 minutes each as equivalent to a gymnast. This is unreasonable. This is not to say that one sport is better than another. In other words, if one person divides his game in multiple ways and declares five people and a four-man team as the winners, and another person arranges the game for a 12-man team to win the championship, then a sport is there. 9 gold medalists and 12 others were minted.

This is the basic logic.

Strangely, the truth about DPC is reflected in how to discuss the results of the Olympics. No one mentioned the American women’s basketball players Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird. After winning the championship for five consecutive times, each of them has now won 41.67% of the complete gold medal. No, everyone is described as having won five gold medals in her career, whose history can be traced back to the 2004 Athens Olympics.

However, when the final gold medal was awarded, the media across the United States described it as leading China in the competition for the most gold medals.

In fact, although the success rate of the United States has declined, it has never come close to participating in the Olympics for the second time in a row. At the Rio Olympics five years ago, the United States won 118 gold medals. The Americans are far from this number in Tokyo, even if they can use DPC numbers to describe their dominant position in the entire game.

It is important to tell the truth in journalism. This is why the number of medals has long been replaced by the number of DeCourcy podiums. A few years ago, we all conquered third grade mathematics.

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