One of the coolest and most sporty models Opel already Manta Coupe. But it has been discontinued for decades. This is the end of this decade, because Stellattis announced the Opel Manta E in its EV Day presentation, which is the electric successor to the classic German two-door car.

The company did not provide many details, but it did provide a preview of the vague Manta E concept rendering above. Although it is difficult to see a lot, it shows that the new model will not be entirely retro design. Camaro, Challenger or Mustang. Unlike the classic Mantas with low profile, long nose and tail, this new model has a more modern EV ratio, short overhang, short hood, large greenhouse and tilted hatchback.For a reference on what the old manta ray looked like, please be sure Check out the resto-mod electric Manta that Opel showed off earlier this year.

It’s also worth noting that this rendering is very clear Concept cars. It has a unique silver side panel, wrapped around the side window, Opel has also featured in other recent concepts. So the production mode should be a little more gentle. As the detailed rules point out, we should see the production model in the middle of the decade, so if we see this concept in a year or so, we won’t be surprised.Like other products in the Opel series, this model will almost certainly not appear in the United States

Stellantis EV daily report:

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