When his parents were out of town, a high school student stayed at home alone.He proposed to drive his father’s car Porsche 928 They left, “Just to charge battery. “Dad said, no, he is not Insured Drive. Mom said: “Just use a station wagon.” Does he listen? of course not.

Driving out Dad’s 928 was just the beginning of Joel Goodson’s “adventure career”. But the scene of the Porsche 928 is one of the most memorable scenes in this movie.Now the car in the movie is coming auction in Barrett Jackson Houston On sale in September.

It should be noted that multiple 928s are used in the film, and this is not a car swimming in Lake Michigan. That scene may be one of the reasons why Porsche refused to supply cars to production. (It is said that the car that drank last was a Hire.)

This car is the one used in most driving scenes, including the one played by Tom Cruise as Joel being chased by the killer pimp Guido Cadillac Coupe DevilleThis 928 is a 1979 model, made of gold (originally green), with a brown interior, powered by a 4.7-liter V8 engine and gear lever. Fun fact: Tom Cruise had to learn to drive a stick and did so in this car.

According to reports, the car was in a dilapidated state when it was discovered and was stored outside by an owner who did not know the history of the movie. It has been restored to its on-screen state and is on display at the Peterson Museum as part of the “Porsche Effect” exhibition.

Arguably the most famous 928 ever-and Subject of own documentary, “The Quest for the RB928”-this car is available for free, so you want a movie history from the 1980s, this is your chance. As Joel Goodsen said, “Porsche. There is no substitute.”

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