The idea of ​​four-wheel steering may be reminiscent of a fast European machine – Porsche 911 with Bentley Pegasus Wait—but those who grew up with imported products in the 80s and 90s will tell you that post-steering assistance is not always relegated to the luxury sector.This Honda Prelude If 4WS, For example, this one is selling Car and tender, Is such an example.

Of course, it may be a beige (strictly speaking, it is actually gold) front-wheel drive Japanese coupe with automatic transmission, but it is a relatively primitive engineering example Honda easier Civic with meets the Platforms flourished in the post-emission era of transportation in the 1980s. Its 2.0-liter B-series engine produces only about 135 horsepower, but due to its compact footprint and 1980s grade steel one-piece body, it weighs only about 2,500 pounds. With its high-performance tires, this gives it an important advantage in handling. year 1987 prelude Famously knocked down a few high-profile Sports car in a Roads and tracks Swivel test.

At the time, four-wheel (aka rear wheel) steering was a bit popular.Honda and Mazda Both are involved in mass-produced front-wheel drive cars with rear-end steering systems.This Mazda 626 Turbo also heralded the emergence of the current fastback sedan, which is the entrance for Hiroshima to enter the field. Nissan Various iterations of the HICAS system in 240SX/Silvia, 300ZX and Skyline (and its Infiniti Equivalent, if applicable).

Perhaps the most ambitious application of four-wheel steering is General Motors Quadrasteer, its purpose is not as a performance enhancer, but as a solution to improve its full-scale low-speed maneuverability truck By turning to the rear in sharp turns.This was an expensive (approximately USD 2,000) and complex solution, and production was eventually discontinued in 2006, but Recent Ford patents Shows that we can see the return of this idea.We have seen Flexibility provided by electric powertrain in this regard.

in spite of R & D CenterThe conclusion is that “4ws will become recognized common features, such as fuel injection, radial tires and to a lesser extent ABS brake“Maybe a little bit of yogurt taste, high-end features reappear Luxury car The steering motor may just prove that they are correct.


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