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The power of graffiti

For the past ten years, I have been an art teacher of different ages and have witnessed the impact of graffiti on students. It can be a powerful tool for children with any drawing skills. In addition to teaching, I have spent most of my life writing diaries. Recently, I wrote a book and drew illustrations based on these diaries.

Graffiti is a great way to express yourself, escape into the world of imagination and build self-confidence. It can be a way to convey great ideas or strong feelings that are difficult to express in words alone. These pictures can be very simple, can be combined with words and descriptions, or they can be developed into larger works of art and comics.

Want to know where to start? Start with self-introduction! Create a page about you. It may be a stick figure holding a football, or it may be a more detailed drawing with symbols and colors. You can add tags to describe things that may not be clear. If someone is not ready to draw a complete person, they can create their own name in trendy capital letters while filling in each letter with some of their personal preferences. You can also make one of the name doodles for your friends or family, which is a very friendly gesture.

A good place to collect graffiti ideas is through ListThe list is a good supplement or alternative to the log, and has a similar purpose. Children can create a visual list to capture feelings and understand the world around them in a simple way. Some examples of listings might include:

  1. My way to make the world a better place
  2. Happy way
  3. Someone i really admire
  4. Things that really make me nervous
  5. What’s in my dream vacation suitcase

By adding drawings and doodles to these lists, it can add extra fun to this expressive experience. It is helpful to create large or small diagrams to describe the content of your world: parents, siblings, school friends, favorite places, food, likes and dislikes, school subjects, music, books, and more!

How is the visual effect advantage disadvantage List type? This may be a creative way for children to make decisions and navigate the world as they grow up. They have more and more say in their lives.

Graffiti without description can also be a powerful way to convey feelings that are difficult to express in words. Whether children are dealing with life-changing events, stress, or anything in between, capturing emotions through graffiti can be healed. This kind of doodle can start with the shape of a thought bubble, and then fill it with symbols or sketches that are meaningful to them.

Maybe they can spell out the title of the list with the following letters Newspaper and magazine clippings. Why not decorate items with collage elements? If you want, you can use your favorite pen, colored pencil or marker. Make it as fun as possible!

I also think it’s great to keep these expressive works in a folder or notebook so they can stay together and serve as a time capsule for important things in your current world. You never know if you will share some of it with the world when you grow up like me.

About Alyssa Bermudez

Alyssa Bermudez

Alyssa Bermudez A native New Yorker living in Tasmania! She studied illustration and animation at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and pursued undergraduate and postgraduate courses. As a writer, illustrator and art teacher for students over the age of 5-75, she strives to integrate KA-POW into stories and learning while representing children from different backgrounds. Big Apple Diary It is her debut graphic novel. Her illustrations can be found in fabrics and fashion, magazines, many children’s books and even on stage! She is obsessed with dogs, books, live sketching, mountain biking, traveling, and keeping plants alive.Follow Alyssa Instagram and Twitter.

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The power of graffiti by Alyssa Bermudez

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