After Columbia University employees applied for the position, Chicago’s Columbia College removed the job advertisement to find a butler for the agency’s president.

In contract negotiations with the college, members of the Columbia College Joint Staff Union applied for housekeeping jobs in all Kwang-Wu Kim families in the college. The union’s current contract expires in 2018.

“Although President Kim is seeking help to clean his home, those of us who support Colombian students every day are actively looking for a second or even third income so that we can support the family and pay the bills,” Craig Sigele President, USCC One Said in a statement. “We don’t have the luxury of hiring a housekeeper. We are trying to survive.”

According to a statement from a university spokesperson, after identifying candidates for the position, university staff deleted the recruitment information.

“The building, usually called the Presidential Palace, is the property of the college. It serves as a place for the official functions of the college to advance the mission of the college, provide office space for some college staff, and is also the president’s home. The butler is part of it-a part-time college job The personnel provide cleaning services and perform other general cleaning duties to maintain the property after the event,” the statement said.

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