In Europe, no university anywhere is as important to people’s lives as the United States. Time wasting is part of it: a four-year degree instead of a three-year degree, and a two-year degree instead of a one-year degree. Then there is the combination with professional sports. The campus is the gateway to major leagues in a way that European football doesn’t know about, where careers begin at a young age.Throw in Huge cost, And it’s natural for Americans to print their alma mater’s mark on the rear of their cars and hoodies.

It is only natural to scold academia Politicization. When Allan Bloom writes about the occupation of education on the left The closure of American thought, His paper is very novel. Thirty-four years later, even if a liberal teacher is chased by students who are not enough liberalism, they will ask him if he has gone far enough. The first counterattack sounded in the air. It is difficult to know whether to cheer for it or fear its abnormal consequences.

The United States has reached a strange balance. Leftists enjoy deep-rooted hegemony in culture, covering universities, publishing, Hollywood, corporate public relations and, Republicans who lost their platform Will say, social media. There is no print equivalent to a British tabloid to counteract hegemony. Regardless of whether the left had planned to conduct this demonstration through these institutions, the resulting monocultural dissatisfaction went beyond the registered Republicans who turned to Fox News. Joe Rogan’s large number of podcast listeners attest to this.

The temptation here is to grant the right to be the self-image of the loser. But then we turned to its own exorbitant privileges. Because of its preference for smaller states, the Senate gave Republicans more power than their original vote share.The electoral college is in Presidential campaignThese two agencies control the third agency: the judiciary.Three of the nine Supreme Court justices are Proposed by the president Who lost the popular vote and was confirmed by the Senate, of which 600,000 people in Wyoming weighed as much as 40 million in California. Even before the constituency voted and the Senate blocked the bill, Republicans had already profited from the anti-majority rules of the game. As a consolation for the lack of tenured professors, this is not bad.

None of these advantages are inherent or illegal. The Democrats want to win more small states. Republicans should take weather-making agencies as seriously as Washington. However, the result is the same: the widespread equality of deep-rooted privileges, each of which has deepened over time.

It is difficult to say which party has a better deal. On the surface, politics is the downstream of culture.In a country that supports same-sex marriage, more than Two to oneFor example, even the right-wing Congress cannot ban it. However, in other areas, Republicans can largely go against the wishes of the public. Opinion polls show that voters want to increase taxes on the wealthy. In recent years, the Senate has taken the opposite approach more often. There is only so much normative pressure against hard votes.

If the current system does not have a clear winner, the question is whether to take any measures in this regard. For mixed good and bad, the rightists are building their own social media channels. The challenge of critical racial theory by universities and the media is increasing.All along, some Democrats have hoped Change obstruction, It takes a lot of bills to win an absolute majority in the Senate. Calls for reform of the Supreme Court and doubts about the Electoral College can be heard in a party that feels deceived by the rules.

Both sides are forgivable for their impatience with the current arrangements. If only changes did not give birth to unexpected results.

The reason that unites an irritable United States may be that neither the Red Army nor the Blue Army have complete command. Republicans can lose in elections and still exercise their right to obstruct.Six months after taking office, President Joe Biden’s Legislative income Getting used to it. Similarly, the American left can leave the office and still guide the country and the world’s norms, tastes, and even language. On its own, each of these compensations is hard to forgive. Together they constitute a viable deadlock.

In a sense, the United States has benefited from a deeper separation of powers than codified by its founders. This is the relationship between politics and culture; between formal and informal influence. One party has an advantage in terms of being politically “appropriate.” The other can set the atmosphere in which it happens. This is a kind of ill-gotten wealth, and it does not mean that there is better peace available.

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