A sort of New report Regarding the enrollment of international students for graduate programs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the United States, it is found that foreign nationals account for 82% of full-time graduate students in petroleum engineering, 74% in electrical engineering, 72% in computer and information science, and 71 in industrial and manufacturing engineering. %, statistics 70%, economics 67%, civil engineering 61%, mechanical engineering and agricultural economics 58%, mathematics 56%, chemical engineering 54%, metallurgy and materials engineering 53%, 52% materials science and 50% Of pharmaceutical sciences.

“In many American universities, data shows that it is difficult to maintain important graduate programs without international students,” said a report by the National Policy Foundation, a research organization focused on trade and immigration issues. “In the field of electrical engineering, in 88% of U.S. graduate school programs, the majority of full-time graduate students (masters and doctors) are international students, with at least 30 students, that is, the total number of U.S. universities is 149. In the field of computer and information science, The majority of full-time graduate students are international students in 211 universities, accounting for 78% of graduate programs in the United States, with at least 30 students.”


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