A new report from Blackboard indicates that students who may not be able to continue their education have expressed dissatisfaction with the support services of their institutions. In a survey of 2,100 students, slightly more than half of the students said they were satisfied with the level of support they received during COVID-19. 38% of respondents stated that support has actually improved during the COVID-19 crisis.

But compared with their peers, high-risk groups are less likely to believe that their institution cares about them, and they are less likely to believe that their support needs will be met. At-risk students are about half as likely to be confident that they can find academic or consulting support. Compared with other groups, at-risk students are also more likely to prefer automated services such as chat bots and telephone menus. Nearly 80% of high-risk students said they believe their school can or may be able to provide support to change their perception of admission.


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