In 2018, the Supreme People’s Court ruled Masterpiece Cakeshop and the Colorado Civil Rights Commission A small business has a constitution Right to refuse Provide customized cake decoration services for gay couples according to the owner’s religious beliefs. This ruling is one of many decisions by contemporary American judges who have shown a tendency to defend the right of private companies to speak freely and/or advocate religious expression, while enjoying the same legal protections as individuals. If the Supreme Court is willing to defend the right of business owners to discriminate against customers based on their sexual orientation, then the same legal argument should certainly provide adequate protection to allow restaurant owners to protect customers by requiring customers to be vaccinated-not only to protect customers from the deadly virus It’s more important to protect them from the reckless behavior of their compatriots.

Hotel professionals are comfortable businessmen. The pandemic has moved us away from the center, creating an unimaginable challenge to the existing templates for welcoming guests and delighting people. It becomes impossible to ignore how dangerous and unstable it is to invite unvaccinated people into our restaurant. As with any other hygiene issue, if our spaces are not suitable for welcoming the public, then we will not open them until they are deemed safe. This responsibility is the foundation of hospitality.

Requiring vaccinations is not a random rule, such as seating incomplete parties or prohibiting replacement of menus. In addition to the obvious threat to human life, it is unfriendly to leave any guest in a disadvantaged position, because a group of conspiracy-minded people believe that vaccination is an invasion of privacy.A sort of Recent research A survey in Los Angeles showed that restaurants accounted for half of the city’s worst outbreak. The vast majority of data indicate that restaurant space should continue to be cautious.

The entire country has unfortunately taken a step backwards in the fight against Covid-19, because this re-epidemic virus is taking advantage of our people’s nutritional cynicism against science. The catering industry has been hit hard by the one-year blockade and restrictions, and it can no longer deal a blow to consumer confidence. But here we are. The number of cases has returned to the highest level since last summer, and states such as Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana and Nevada that are suspicious of vaccines have once again become hot spots. The recent number of hospitalizations in Florida surpassed the record since the pandemic began, with 10,207 Covid-19 patients admitted in one day, exceeding the previous record set in July 2020.

Delta variants force The medical profession has to face Our current vaccine library may not be able to provide bulletproof protection against metamorphic viruses, which is alarming.although Breakthrough case Still a small fraction of total infections, few people cause serious illness or death, and they are becoming more common. The regulations on wearing masks are being reconsidered or restored. Of course, restaurants are always at the top of the list of companies that need to adjust agreements to protect the public from themselves.We should monitor your behavior, but Who is protecting us?

Like most industries in the service industry, the healthy development of the catering industry depends on public trust. Although the virus itself poses a threat to our solvency, the greater threat is the public’s perception of how dangerous it is to go out. Whether you believe in their efficacy or not, vaccines can help alleviate public anxiety about illness.

The pandemic year forces restaurants to think differently about how our public spaces provide shelter. It exposes the fragile restaurant not only as a commercial activity, but also as the nerve center of our community. But the restaurant is not a church. They are designed to turn accommodation into profit and unconditionally welcome the need for the public to give up control over the experience. If anything, restaurants operate more like hospitals, exchanging money for care in a safe and sterile environment. No hospital should refuse someone’s care, but when you are admitted, you should follow a set of rules that are made in the best interest of keeping everyone (including medical staff) healthy.

Restaurants everywhere are doing their best to alleviate guests’ fear of the pandemic—renovating their restaurants with plexiglass partitions, adding new ventilation and air purification systems, developing digital menus, and installing contactless payment portals. At the same time, it is no coincidence that getting the public to agree on the nature of the threat we face is a war of attrition. This is the same dilemma that hospitals and public health professionals have faced since the pandemic began.

Some restaurant owners in areas with lower vaccination rates will avoid enforcing stricter agreements. If they think that guests will be annoyed by requesting proof of vaccination, they may evade the problem through trivial advice, rather than a firm policy. If some owners provide services to communities with a high proportion of Covid spreaders, they will not be able to alienate most of their customer base at all.

Although this should not be the case, vaccination requirements have become highly politicized.More and more restaurants publicly announce their plans to verify vaccination Defamation on review sites Like Yelp and Trip Advisor, they have never had dinner with them. But like most derogatory online reviews, their authors are all wrong. These restaurants are commendable for implementing security measures to protect employees and guests. This is very good service.

All of this begs the question: What responsibility does the guest have to help ensure that the restaurant is protected from the spread of the coronavirus?Have a Implicitly passive For many people, being a restaurant guest is part of the charm of dining out. But now is not the time to be complacent. We all miss the restaurants they left so much, and losing them, even temporarily, should deepen our gratitude for the challenges they faced in this devastating year. Want to show your local restaurants how much you miss them? When you walk in, show your vaccination card first, even if they didn’t ask for it. Believe me, it’s like showing up with a bunch of flowers.

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