On September 23, Lefebvre and GM Integra will hold a new session of the Conversations on Equality cycle, focused on salary auditing as a legal obligation within the Equality Plan.

next september 23 Lefebvre and GM Integra celebrate a new free session within the cycle Conversations about Equalitywhich will focus on the salary audit as a legal obligation within the Equality Plan.

During the session, which will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in virtual format, fundamental aspects will be discussed, such as the minimum content that the Equality Plan, mandatory for companies with more than 50 employees, to comply with the regulations and avoid possible sanctions. In addition, they will talk about the remuneration audit, the evaluation of jobs or the role of technology for process management and regulatory compliance, among other issues.

Maria Iglesias, Head of Business Development at GM Integra RRHH and expert in Equality intervenes as moderator of the session in which they will participate Martha Vinardell, Equality expert at GM Integra HR and Lydia Gonzalezspecialist of Lefebvre’s Social Writing.

To attend this free session it is necessary to register in advance at the link.

Sentinel Equality by Lefebvre

Lefebvre, the leading provider of legal software and content in Spain, has Sentinel Equalitya solution that incorporates a practical work methodology to help those responsible for the Equality Plan from the preparatory phase, guiding them on how to diagnose the company and the steps in the process of defining the measures to be undertaken.

As it is an integrated solution with Lefebvre’s content, it includes references to the Memento Social and the publisher’s regulatory update. Among its functionalities, it is worth highlighting the possibility of creating and managing anonymous surveys for the Monitoring Committee; convene meetings and manage alerts associated with the Plan; request the signing of documents or an integrated videoconference service with multi-language capability, among others.

First session of the cycle

the cycle of Conversations about Equality arises with the aim of dealing with issues related to the implementation and development of equality policies in companies.

The session of the Conversations on Equality cycle on March 1 focused on the process of implementing a real and effective equality policy in SMEs and included the participation of Laura Diaz, Director of People of Grupo Día; Pilar Beltran, HR director of Duplex Elevators; Alvaro Galan, Product Marketing Manager Payroll & HR at Sage Spain; Y Monica Lurguie, Lefebvre’s Director of People, as well as Maica EnriqueCEO of GM Integra RRHH, as moderator.

See first session: