Academic librarians are subjected to sexual harassment, including sexual harassment from library colleagues and customers. New research College and Research LibraryThe survey attracted 690 respondents through the academic library email list service, and found that 78% of academic librarians had experienced gender harassment, 64% had experienced customer “tempting behavior”, and 35% had experienced Sexual assault. Researchers also found that librarians working in public colleges and universities were more likely to report sexual harassment than librarians working in private institutions.

According to this study, there is almost no established disciplinary agreement to report customer harassment, and the study urges institutions to better protect library staff from harassment. “Our workplace shouldn’t be like this,” the paper concluded. “All library staff, including library leaders, stop treating harassment as an unavoidable situation in the workplace. It is vital that leaders provide legal, professional, and personal support to targets based on the situation to deal with harassment. “


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