Things will get complicated for ‘Tigre’ Radamel Falcao at Rayo Vallecano starting in January. A real competition will come to him that will be considered as a starter by coach Iraola. This is the Real Madrid youth squad Raúl de Tomás, who has already left Espanyol in Barcelona to join the Madrid cast.

Didn’t the transfer market close? Of course, since September 1, no more transfers can be made between Spanish clubs, nor from other leagues on the planet. The case of ‘RdT’ involves a challenge that the 27-year-old striker will take on, who returns to the Vallecas team after three years. His first explosion as a striker was in the ‘popular team’.

The competition for Falcao will come from Barcelona

He played the 17-18 and 18-19 seasons in Vallecas before moving to Benfica and joining the Catalan club. He knew how to score 38 goals in those two years, so Rayista fans have good memories of De Tomás. It was his wish to return during the summer market, but they did not succeed because the offers never met Espanyol’s expectations.

Now, Cadena Cope announced that he is willing to leave his current team and make himself available immediately to DT Iraola. Rayo Vallecano will pay between 12 or 14 million euros for a player who will not be able to take advantage of it until January. ‘RdT’ is capable of leaving Barcelona to move to Madrid and in the process lose the opportunity to fight a Market Stall for going to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

With his 23 and 17 goals in the first division in recent seasons, Raúl began to be considered by Luis Enrique and is in the group that can be called up. It is clear that if he is left without participation in the competition, the coach will not commit the madness of taking him over another who comes with rhythm and demand. Among other things, the headline in the Middle East will be Álvaro Morata and little by little Gerard Moreno has been sold.