Rolls Royce In the next few years, it is willing to accept additional requirements for disposable cars from its wealthiest customers. However, it does not intend to make passenger cars the norm in order to maintain its exclusivity.

Rumored to cost nearly 30 million U.S. dollars, Stern (Pictured) It was launched in May 2022, demonstrating the ability of this BMW-owned British company when money is really not an issue. It is the product of a four-year development process and is estimated to cost millions of dollars. It was built at the request of three anonymous clients. This is the first car built since Coachbuild was promoted to an independent division of the group, and probably not the last.

“Our idea is to do a project every two years. Whether it is three cars or one car depends largely on the customer’s ideas and our interest in doing so,” explains company owner Torsten Müller-Otvös.Interviewed by a British magazine coachHe added that Rolls-Royce can refuse requests it doesn’t like.

Exactly what will get the company’s well-known production green light has yet to be specified.We guess that future one-offs will need to stick to the company’s image, so transform a humble person Fiat 500 to make Luxury cars, Aston Martin CygnetStyle may be very low in the company’s priority list. In any case, the Rolls-Royce workshop will not launch a unique model every week. The CEO added that executives expect them to be “very rare”, even if they receive a lot of requests. Supply does not necessarily keep up with demand.

What happens next depends on the customer’s request (​​and willingness to pay). Rolls-Royce is willing to try different body styles and different types of power systems, including all-electric systems.It is said to be Is developing its first electric modelWhen it is put into production, it can be called Silent Shadow. If the customer commissions, this foundation can be used to make a passenger car.

“We have no intention to increase any sales, because the intention is obviously to create a project that is significant to the brand’s history in 70 or 100 years, and is truly unique. This is also very suitable for Rolls-Royce tradition-Royce in the 1920s Participated in bodybuilding projects in the 1930s,” concludes Müller-Otvös.

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