The confrontation between FC Barcelona and Rayo Vallecano brought airs of an epic result. Those led by Iraola knew how to stand up to one of the (perhaps the strongest) squads in European football. Likewise, he left an image that very little has been seen in the career of Sergio Busquets.

The movements were made on the field of play and things were working out for the visiting coach. Despite the fact that the locals were incisive in attack, Rayo knew how to face the game and get the result from the front. Above all, with a goalkeeper who ended up being the figure of the game.

Falcao García entered and gave Rayo Vallecano a hand

On the side of Iraola’s team, the attack weapons were saved until the second half. Or well, at least the deadliest: the Colombian Radamel Falcao Garciawho entered the 62nd minute instead of Sergio Camello and was decisive for the team’s morale.

Despite the fact that the “Tiger” was limited to carrying out ex officio tasks, his performance was not negative at all. For example, just at minute 90+3 of 8 that were added, the Colombian was responsible for the expulsion of Sergio Busquets. The Spanish midfielder let himself be pulled out of his wits and elbowed Falcao in the face.

See the moment in which Sergio Busquets is sent off

In this way, the international with the Spanish team had to see his second yellow card of the match and therefore the red card. After that expulsion, Busquets completes an enviable record for the players who compete in that area: It is only his third expulsion in 821 games he has played as a professional.

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In addition to this, his last red card dates from 10 years ago. In a match against Benfica on October 2, 2012, he was expelled. Before that, on November 29, 2009, he was sent off in a classic against Real Madrid. Thus, the samarium attacker became part of a historic number in the history of international football.