We have seen 2022 Land Cruiser In its Best on stage, We have seen it’s Design evolution And its Amazing airborne technologyWe have even seen Destroyed in an accident. The only aspect we haven’t seen in detail is its Purpose, Its ability to traverse terrain will tear most cars apart. Fortunately, Toyota Have a Dedicated Land Cruiser YouTube channel This shows that the 300 series becomes dirty and drifting off-road.

This is a video of the new cruiser splashing in the mud in the off-road park. It has no problem navigating in water, sand, rocks, big people, or climbing on muddy hills soaked by rain. This is more like a movie made, but there are others that look more like data collection test shots.

Here you can see the difference between the 300 series equipped with e-KDSS and the 200 series without e-KDSS. The system can electronically lock the front and rear stabilizers to achieve road driving and turning stability, or separate them for maximum articulation and ground contact. The angle of the camera inside the car shows how much fewer passengers are crowded around when the vehicle is equipped with e-KDSS. We also saw the crimson 300 for the first time.

Other videos show practical applications of technologies such as multi-terrain monitors. This is a bird’s-eye view camera, usually used for parking and re-used in off-road situations without observers. As a bonus, it overlays the wheel position on what the camera sees, so you can see where every corner of the car is going.

Another video shows how to use the steering assist function brake Drag the inside rear wheel during sharp turns. This should come in handy when traversing narrow paths in a rig as large as 300.

Another video feature is cool, with a cool name, Akira Miura used all these features in the first video through the off-road park. Miura is Toyota’s factory driver Dakar Rally And in the previous generation of land cruisers have several runs and a class champion. Although this video is in Japanese, it still illustrates very well how these functions work. We also learned that the Land Cruiser can wade 27.5 inches safely.

It’s worth noting that Crawl Control is better than other Toyota vehicles (such as the previous generation Land Cruiser and Lexus GXThe system uses brake pulses to prevent slipping on sharp drops and smooth surfaces. This used to be accompanied by a harsh jackhammer-style soundtrack, but here it is softer.

If you just want to watch the Land Cruiser do stunts, we can look at the residents here Japan Seen on tv advertise new truck. This is a good advertisement because it has a lot of actions.

Of course, the YouTube channel showed some behind-the-scenes actions in the ad creation process. There are a lot of sand donuts in action, and we can see the Land Cruiser breathing for the climax of the ad.

We will not buy 300 series Land Cruisers in the United States, although there are rumor of Lexus The variant is here. Now, we will have to tune in such a video to see what we missed.

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