Although the U.S. and coalition forces have made countless contributions to the modernization and training of the Afghan army military vehicle Defend the war-torn country. During the recent U.S. withdrawal, many of them surrendered to the advancing Taliban forces.

During the continuous withdrawal of coalition members from Kabul, the U.S. armed forces, staff, and local support personnel obtained safe passages and brought the U.S. army The military installations used to support the country are largely impossible. So far Antelope Blog Nearly 2,000 HMMWV and other military vehicles seized during the Taliban’s raids on former US and Afghanistan military installations.

The chart shows the proportion of captured vehicles.The Hummer variant tops the list with military specifications Ford Ranger Most of the rest consists of Navistar International 7000 and 8000 series support vehicles. Please note that as new information is provided to the blog, the source data (linked above) will continue to change, and these numbers may no longer be up-to-date at the time you read this article.

Other types of equipment were also recorded as destroyed or captured, including some drones and combat items including anti-aircraft weapons. The Taliban told the United States that it will provide civilians with a safe passage to reach the airport in the Afghan capital Kabul. Reuters Reported on Tuesday. After the rapid advance of the Taliban forces and the collapse of the Afghan army and government, thousands of US troops have flown to Kabul to assist in the evacuation work.

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