The TikTok video of young women at the University of Alabama showing off their outfits at the campus sorority summit party and providing a daily glimpse of the competitive recruitment process has gone viral. AL.com report.

These videos show potential new members (called PNM), describing the popular and sometimes expensive designer brands they wear during the numerous recruitment events they participate in. These videos landed on the For You page of people all over the country, TikTok’s infinite scrolling homepage-even for those who had no interest in university or life in Greece before, NBC News Report. TikTok officials told NBC that they could not figure out why these videos landed on so many users’ pages, and stated that the source of the video was based on participation and other factors.

Obviously there is some fascination and dislike for the sorority culture, especially the sorority culture of the University of Alabama. Some viewers made fun of potential recruits and posted videos describing their own costumes while imitating the southern accent of PNM. The response of other TikTok users was to provide a historical background related to the racist history of sorority life. University of Alabama, Including a policy Until eight years ago, black students were prevented from joining the Pan-Hellenic sorority.

The popularity of sorority recruitment videos is not new. According to NBC reports, Rush videos have been performing well on social media, some of which have received millions of views on YouTube. This year, more than 2,500 women participated in the recruitment week at the University of Alabama. According to AL.com.


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