Roy Hodgson is Stefan Zweig’s multilingual who has coached in Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and the UAE before leading the England team from 2012 to 2016. The diversity of European football. The clues to his cautious politics indicate that he is the kind of shrewd Labour Party.

In other words, there are reasons to praise “Woy” as modern England, liberal patriotism, and other non-contradictory voices of the time. The country has never considered it. For reasons that are difficult to determine—it predates knee-jerk activism—his heirs are honored. Or maybe it’s not that difficult. Gareth Southgate has a winning team. Hodgson did not. Rejoicing at the bottom of success has been given moral meaning. Don’t expect noble ecstasy to survive a bad World Cup.

No matter how shallow, the ecstatic summer in England can be heard across the ocean. As in 2018, American friends find it difficult to accept their expectations of us since childhood and the etiquette they are used to here. The surprise was misplaced. I know that a country that values ​​reputation, but the United States is a country with a stiffer upper lip.

My hunch (the “theory” is too strong) is as follows. If a country spends most of its time in control of its emotions, they are likely to spew out sporadic but absolutely monstrous power. vice versa. Cultures with higher average levels of emotional frankness are less likely to accept sudden surges. This is a choice between piercing and draining: the same content enters the world with completely different violence.

Describing these lifestyles is not the same as naming winners. The price of the American model is a kind of environmental psychological chatter. “The way people talk about themselves without revealing anything” is the author and doctor Theodore Dalrymple’s definition of this way of speaking. In my Washington area, the banner invites passersby to “live out” their “truth.” Deepak Chopra is still at large. The value of these things through dating is to hear the call for celibacy.

However, if you wish, please weigh the spoils. Emotional rage is avoided, and feelings are vented before they get out of control: a personal openness that can be tiresome in the short term can prevent its proliferation. At this point, the United States has also benefited from its internal division. The blessing of 50-50 voters is that there is rarely such a thing as true national sentiment. Adapting to the vastness of the territory and ethnic diversity requires something special (at least in peacetime) to cultivate the herd mood that occurs in England almost every two years in my life.

If its loudness is the worst, then the English boom and bust perception method may win out.But, choosing my words carefully here, there are moments in England—as serious as the death of the royal family, as frivolous as the World Cup—when people realize that a certain PotentialThis is not to say that dissidents in collective emotions are not safe. But they may find that they are not honest enough for a quiet life. This country seems to be very theorized and very fast about alternative, contrarian, and cursed ancient hospitality. When John Stuart Mill cited social pressure (not just regulations) as a restriction on freedom of speech, he did not think of foreign countries. There is no doubt that some Americans felt the same chill after 9/11. But England can evoke a sense of censorship for smaller events. Even a happy mob is still a mob.

In the final analysis, most of this is a harmless pursuit of belonging. It stands to reason that it should be a young country, and it needs to be constantly ensured that it is a country, not just a market with flags​​. However, in England’s respect for the national team and other binding institutions and the world’s most sacred medical institution, I can feel the neuroticism even more. Hearing the 21st century metaphor, “we are all together”, you don’t have to struggle to find an appendix that is self-evident. “Aren’t we?”

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