“First deputy commander of the 1st Mixed Aviation Division, colonel Anatolij Stasiukiewicz took a ‘goodwill step’ – officially denazified and demilitarized. Glory to the Ukrainian people. Death to enemies “- wrote” Stirlitz “on Twitter.

Stasiukiewicz is another Russian soldier who died in Ukraine. Earlier, the Ukrainian officer informed about the death of, among others, military from the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic. “Sergei Kostomarov from the city of Lugansk, pseudo senior lieutenantcommander of the Orcs 2 AK ROA. Karma caught up with the traitor“- wrote” Stirlitz “.

Sztefan also informed about the death of the Russian captain. He also made to his family. “Captain mortar battery commander Alexander Isaev he took a ‘goodwill step’ – officially denazified and demilitarized “- wrote the Ukrainian military.” There is no photo and that’s good, the family doesn’t matter anymore, since they received the payment” – added.

The General Staff of Ukraine reported that from the beginning of the war Russia lost 39,520 soldiersincluding 280 last day.

From the beginning of the war, Russian forces lost, among others 1,722 tanks, 221 aircraft and 188 helicopters, and 15 ships.

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