Ukrainian blogger – Edgar Myrotworec – made contact with Dzianis Zu on one of the portals enabling anonymous conversations. Byelorussian the sniper came out under the name and reported that he is now fighting on the side of Russia in the war in Ukraine.

Zu showed Myrotworec documents confirming identity and the fact of serving as a contract soldier.

– I receive monthly 250 thousand rubles (i.e. about PLN 20 thousand). If kills an officer, this is an added bonus – 100 thousand rubles. If, in turn he will be captured is 250 thousand rubles. I have succeeded in this art twice, says the Belarusian, whose words are quoted by the independent Belarusian television Belsat.

The station notes that there is no trace of it in official Belarusian documents certifying him departure from the country. This means that he left the country illegally or with the tacit consent of the authorities in Minsk.

This fact was to be established by a fat hacker from Belarus, independent of these authorities.