On Sunday, September 11 Ramzan Kadyrov in a recording published on Telegram, he referred to the situation in Ukraine. The leader criticized the Russian Defense Ministry for withdrawing occupation forces from the cities Izium, Kupiansk and Balaklija in the Kharkiv region – says the Meduza portal.

On the recording, Kadyrov warned that will be “forced” to contact Russian military and national leaders “to clarify the situation” if there are no immediate changes to the invasion strategy.

Kadyrov also stated that the Russian defense ministry did not openly deal with the Ukrainian counteroffensive. – If Russia she wished (the leaders) could not order a single step back. So they need to explain why they did what they did. I can see that their people were unprepared for what happened. We always show how we shoot, how we capture and how we destroy. We also have to show the other side – he said.

The leader announced that these cities would be recaptured. – Our people are already there, specially trained for this job, there are more people ready to go 10,000 fighters. In the near future we will come to Odessa and you will see concrete results – he added.