– I’m almost sure of it because dictators love different anniversaries. (…) I think that some common sense has finally prevailed in the Kremlin and it has been noticed there that it is not possible to defeat Ukraine on the scale that was originally intended to be achieved. This means that (in the opinion of the Russian authorities) now it is necessary to secure territorial gains, dig in and negotiate from a position of strength. Putin thinks so, Kasparov said in an interview with the Ukrainian portal obozrevatel.com.

According to the opposition activist, the latest events on the front, i.e. successful attacks by Ukrainians using the American HIMARS missile launchers, caused panic among the Russians and stopped their offensive. – Everything is going wrong as planned – emphasized the former chess grandmaster.

– The coming weeks will bring decisive solutions. The liberation of Kherson by Ukrainian troops may become a turning point in this conflict – added the politician.

Kasparov was one of the greatest chess players in history, world champion and a long-time leader of the world chess ranking. After finishing my sports career he became involved in political activity as one of the leaders of the Russian anti-Kremlin opposition. He lives permanently abroad.