The governor emphasized that the reports of Fr. 53 estates recovered from the invaders’ hands were verified by the general staff of the Ukrainian army. Sappers are currently working in the liberated villages, neutralizing explosives left by the enemy.

On July 14, Butrij confirmed the takeover of 44 towns in the Kherson region. As he then reported, 656 settlements are still “awaiting the arrival of the armed forces of Ukraine”. The city of Kherson and almost the entire Kherson region are located under the occupation of the Kremlin from the beginning of March. Since April, Ukrainian authorities and the media have reported that preparations are underway to carry out the so-called a referendum on joining these areas to Russia or establishing Moscow-dependent so-called people’s republics.

President of Russia on May 25 Vladimir Putin issued a decree providing for a simplified procedure for granting Russian citizenship to the inhabitants of the occupied territories in the Kherson and Zaporizhia oblasts. On July 11, this ordinance was extended to all Ukrainian citizens

Kherson region in the south of Ukraine seems to be under increasing control of Ukrainian forces. According to the spokeswoman of the Ukrainian operational command South, Natalia Humeniuk, The Armed Forces of Ukraine control the Russian logistic and transport routes in that region.

The spokesman for the Odessa Oblast authorities, Serhiy Bratchuk, announced on Sunday that the Ukrainian army shelled from HIMARS launchers, 40 Russian railway cars that came with soldiers and equipment from the occupied Crimea to the Kherson region. About 80 soldiers were killed and 200 injured, he said.

When asked about the consequences of the destruction of bridges in the Kherson Oblast by Ukrainian forces, she replied that Russian troops were trying to transfer military equipment by other means, such as ferry crossings or pontoons, but “so far it is going very poorly”.