Barris Kustom Industries is arguably the most iconic hot rod shop in the world, and it is on sale. Although the Hollywood building may not survive, the souvenirs in it will be preserved and collected, and open to the public.

George “King of Kustomizers” Barris opened this store on the Riverwalk in North Hollywood in 1961. This is not the customizer’s first store, but the 10,000 square foot facility is where he makes his most famous hot rod.His most famous works include Munster Koach, which is composed of various Ford T-shaped body, and Batmobile in 1966, It started as Ghia built Lincoln The Futura concept was introduced in 1955.

Barris Passed away in 2015, But his Riverside Drive facility continues to exist; his daughter Joji Barris-Paster perseveres with the help of her husband, son, and brother. Car trend According to the report, the company specially sponsored trophies, such as Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Architecture And supervise the restoration of historical buildings.

None of these activities require a 10,000-square-foot facility, and Barris Kustom Industries has not manufactured a car since the death of its founder, so the building is looking for a new owner. Its price tag is 3.9 million U.S. dollars, Los Angeles Times According to reports, it will almost certainly be redeveloped. This is another way of saying that the building will be razed to the ground and replaced by the most profitable things; apartments, strip malls, medical centers, or other places.

There is no word yet on who will buy the property.Agency Douglas Elliman Real Estate told Los Angeles Times It has received several off-site offers. It is located in a highly sought after location, so it should not be difficult to sell, but emptying the property will be a difficult task.Photo publisher Car trend It shows that there are still a few cars (including replicas of the Batmobile), thousands of documents, and countless model cars, posters, tools, and other items from Barris’s glorious career. Fortunately for lovers, souvenirs are not for sale.

Barris Pastor told the media Los Angeles Times The historic content of her father’s shop will be transferred to an unspecified location in the Oxnard-Ventura area, where it will later become a museum open to the public. “It must be so, and we hope so, because he would want to do that,” she explained.

In recent years, several Barris customized cars have appeared in the spotlight.The Golden Sahara II he built in the early 1950s is Fully restored and displayed Geneva in 2019 Auto show, And his first dodge Based on the construction of the challenger, the Red Devils, is Listed for sale on the auction site Cars & Bids As early as 2022.

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