Starting at 9.5 million euros, proponents of this will become the world’s largest superyacht are selling 39 apartments as they bet on flexible demand for exclusive luxury travel.

The 220-meter-long ship will be launched in 2024. It will provide buyers with “the intimacy of a private yacht and the opportunity to build connections in a vibrant community of like-minded owners.” Its investors announced a 500 million euros It is indicated at the time of project. on Monday.

Somnio will be more than 40 meters longer than Azzam, the current record holder held by the Abu Dhabi royal family. The project is led by American millionaire Carl Le Souef, who founded Private Formula International, one of Australia’s largest skincare companies, and now runs Somnio Global, a sustainable technology group.

After the coronavirus outbreak on ships prompted port officials to ban ships from docking or docking, cruise ships and residential ships were forced to shut down in March 2020. Isolate them Offshore.

Prolonged negotiations with the government on the restart issue, especially in the United States, where the health authorities have imposed strict requirements on the resumption of operations of cruise companies, which means that ships must Until recently Start sailing international routes.

Carnival, the world’s largest cruise ship operator, said last week that it had a net loss of US$2 billion in the three months to the end of May, and its fleet capacity has been confirmed to sail before the end of the fiscal year in November. .

Since the Norwegian shipping giant Knut Kloster launched ResidenSea in 2002, residential ships have always been a feature of the cruise market. This is the first company to build liners. People own apartments on the ship, just like they might be on vacation rentals.

Independent cruise industry analyst Tony Paisley said that although ResidenSea initially planned to build 10 ships, only The World has completed it. In 2003, the company had to refinance, and its apartment owners joined forces to provide funds to ensure its survival. The ship has 165 apartments, and penthouses sell for approximately 20 million euros.

Paisley said: “The capital and operating costs of this business model are high. Other failed start-ups have found it difficult to find enough buyers who are willing to pay the required millions of dollars in advance.” He added that many The super-rich are more willing to own their own yachts.

The construction of Somnio has already begun, and the proceeds from the sale of off-plan properties help to fund the rest of the construction.

According to BOAT International, a professional superyacht media company, despite the Covid-19 restrictions, wealthy consumers are still looking for ways to travel. The sales of private yachts hit a record high in May, and they have grown steadily throughout the pandemic. Out of 68 ships.

The apartment on the Somnio ship will cost more than 9.5 million euros, and the owners jointly decide the annual itinerary. The yacht will have a wine cellar with a capacity of 10,000 bottles, a beach club, and will host lectures on the use of on-board equipment to study the marine environment.

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