Huge hailstones – the size of tennis balls – fell on the city of La Bisbal d’Empordà in northern Catalonia on Tuesday evening. As reported by the Spanish media, more than 30 people were injured as a result of a violent storm with a huge hailstorm.

Most injuries are classified as minor, although fractures have occurred in a few cases. As a result of the hailstorm, a total of 16 people were admitted to the hospital.

Intense hailstorm it also caused significant damage to the city, reports “El Mundo”. Chunks of ice ravaged apartment roofs, cars, and shattered windows.

The most tragic situation was with the 20-month-old girl. The child was hit by a ball of hailthe diameter of which was approximately 10 cm. Although the girl was taken to a hospital in Girona, doctors did not manage to save her life.

The media does not inform why the child was not in a safe place during the storm.

A powerful stormwhich on Tuesday passed over the Catalonia region was the largest in 20 years, according to the meteorological services. Meteocat posted photos of huge hailstones on Twitter. The fallout is much greater than the € 1 coin.

The State Meteorological Agency does not have good forecasts for Catalonia also for Wednesday. An orange alert was announced, which means the threat is serious. Possible storms, downpours and hail.