Bitcoin (BTC / USD) has dropped more than 15% in the last two weeks, which has caused several currencies to drop by more than 25% to even more than 30%. This could be a great opportunity for investors to buy the dip before a rally is seen again, especially in currencies like Luna (LUNA / USD) and Matic (MATIC / USD). However, investors should be careful which currencies they choose to buy the dip as many currencies could still fall further, therefore investors should invest in strong currencies that are able to sustain sales in the general market. So here are two fundamentally strong currencies to buy the dip in

  1. Solana (SOL / USD)

Solana has fallen over 25% in the last two weeks, and could fall further, however it is approaching a strong support level which could be a turning point and could be a great price to buy Solana.

Strong support can be seen at $120, which could be the reversal level for Solana, therefore traders may start slowly accumulating Solana as it approaches the support level. Traders should be cautious as a break in the support level could send Solana down another 20%. However, it seems unlikely as Solana has strong fundamentals and is also at the weekly RSI support level, suggesting that buyers may be making a comeback in the near future.

  1. Land (LUNA / USD)

Luna has recently come under the scrutiny of many investors as it hit a new all-time high in a strong rally seen in early December. However, Luna has dropped more than 25% since the time it hit and is now at a crucial support level that could be broken soon. Luna is about to break a strong support level at $76 and may start heading to the next support level at $50. Thus, traders can start piling up Luna before it resumes its rally towards a new high of all time.

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