The Colombian James Rodríguez continues to be one of the most media players in recent times in the world of football. His final stage in European football left a taste for his fans, since his performance was getting worse and worse.

This Thursday a total scandal was uncovered in everything that surrounds the Al Rayyan club. One of the former players Ahmed Al Shafi, hit the Colombian player with everything. In an interview, the Qatari expressed the signing of James as a complete ‘lie’, disapproving of what was done by the leadership.

In addition, he added that his arrival was a real “joke” for Al Rayyan, since Rodríguez did not contribute nor has contributed anything to the improvement of the squad. Undoubtedly, how dissatisfied they are with the coffee grower is extremely great and they would seek his way out at any cost.

Ban James from Al Rayyan

«James Rodríguez is the biggest joke in history“, clarified the former player.

In addition, he sent a message to the club’s leadership, so that once and for all they get rid of James Rodríguez, who does not seem to be important for the true aspirations of the team in the season.

“Hopefully the club’s management will address the Professional Committee to replace the Colombian James Rodríguez, because the team did not benefit from him in any tournament, whether local or foreign”, Al-Shafi declared.

His arrival at Al Rayyan meant for many the end of his sports career, as he joined a club without high expectations. However, James was focused on the fact that there, in Qatar football, he could have minutes again and greatly improve his physical condition.

A year later, everything went wrong. He currently lives a total sports nightmare. According to what was commented by different sports media in Colombia and the world, James wanted to leave the Qatari team in any way, but no club of his likes noticed him.

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Little by little, James Rodríguez is carving out his own ending, since his decisions have led him to be almost unknown, after being one of the best players in the world at the time.