When I saw this car suddenly appeared in our Automatic blog Relaxation channel. Yes Honda Sell ​​it Original Fresh 1999 Prelude Type SH? No, Honda is not.But someone in New Jersey is selling a work that is exactly the same as the museum work I introduced it in the retro first driving review last year.

When I say the same, I also mean the same. Crystal blue metal? Check it out. Model in 1999? Check it out. Type SH? Check it out. Fully inventory, no defects found? Also check. The only real difference is the mileage of the car for sale.It’s currently located at 28,700 miles, while prelude The SH model I drove only had 2,400 miles.Either way, they are basically brand new 22 year old cars, but You can actually buy cars and bids that are currently being auctioned.

Honda updated the Prelude for the 1999 model year, adding power and massage styling. Its 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine (with VTEC!) produces 200 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque. You can get an automatic transmission, but what you want is this five-speed manual transmission. This is the SH model, it also has Honda’s genius ATTS torque vectoring system, which can offset the understeer of this front-wheel drive vehicle. These specifications and functions are great, but I can quote my respected car expert to provide you with more driving experience.

“The Prelude starts quietly, and the torque is insufficient below 3,000 rpm, so looking for higher revs is discouraged. Driving aimlessly, this is a very pleasant daily driver that will not disturb passengers. The suspension is comfortable and compliant, and The goal of improving in the cabin was achieved. Really, this car didn’t have any sporty screams at first.

“When the tachometer swings more than 5,000 rpm, another car will wake up. The old-fashioned coupe becomes a roaring “radical sports coupe.” Yes, Honda’s description is apt. Loud roar Entering the cabin, as the speed approaches 7,400 rpm, the volume and sense of music gradually increase. This is a simple but beautiful sound that we can listen to day after day. Its speed is also very fast. One gear flashes by. Fast Depressing the light clutch pedal and briefly pulling in second gear is satisfactory, and then the angry bee is back.”

Big surprise: it’s also handled very well.

“As an empty roundabout approaches, this seems to be a great opportunity to understand what ATTS really can do. Instead of the front end being washed out in the sea of ​​screaming rubber mid-corners, but rather put your nose away obediently, The car passed the other side silently. Now this is strange. There is no understeer, and no oversteer. Similar results appear in every subsequent corner where Prelude Type SH is thrown. No fuss. It won’t be around the corner. Fighting with the car, but speeding up easily, and the outer wheel sends it to the other side like a slingshot. This effect is most obvious in narrow corners, traditionally, the inner front wheel will spin and move under the action of power. It slows you down. This does not happen in Type SH. It makes driving easier and more enjoyable while running quietly in the background.”

If you want more, please read My entire Retro First Drive. And check the photo of the test car below. You can compare Honda’s original perfect example with this example for sale and minus some flaws, Prelude to cars and tenders It is a good example of Prelude’s perfection. This year’s Honda car has relatively low mileage and has been selling for a lot of money, so it will be interesting to see how high this car is.

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