Hot Wheels is still touring the United States, looking for the next custom car that will be added to its catalog of 1/64 scale models. The next stop of the Legends Tour is virtual, so it is open to contestants from all over the country, and the company previewed four cars that will compete for the chance to reach the semifinals.

Live on the company’s Facebook page, on August 26, 2022, the site will show 10 vehicles that are both wild and different. Although only four of them have been revealed, we like what we have seen so far. One is 1957 Ford Anglia has received a long list of modifications inspired by the aircraft. It was stripped to bare metal, its front end was stretched to accommodate a larger engine than Ford expected, and its rear half had many fins added. We are interested in the vents marked “jet air intake”-what is hidden behind the rear seats? What confuses us is that this Anglia seems to be equipped with two steering wheels.

It can be said that this Anglia is even cooler because it is Built by a group of high school hot anglers In Arizona. This is the work of Keep Hot Rodding Alive, a free security and store program directed by Kenny Earls.

The next finalist shown by Hot Wheels is 1967 Pontiac Firebird Extensively modified ultra-wide wheels are hidden under the stamped wheel arches, side-mounted exhaust ports, and a complete Body kitAnd other changes. Followed by 1996 Nissan When the adjustment is small, the hardware can be traced back to the 1990s truck All the rage. This custom paint job with orange flames, a new-look grille and a full-body kit can add a wide-body body to his resume. It has the Hot Wheels logo on both fenders, so it is very suitable for the legendary tour.

Last but not least, one of the stars of the August 2022 station is 2003 Nissan 370Z From the tip of the front bumper to the rear edge of the door, this does not seem to have changed.Everything else was cut off and replaced by various bent and welded tubes that looked like a 350ZThe back end. Only the original taillights are kept; everything else looks custom-made. We bet there are still many mechanical modifications.

Hot Wheels has not revealed who the other six finalists are, so it is difficult to predict who will win. In any case, the winner will compete with the previous 2022 Legendary Tour winner to compete for the honor of being reduced to the Hot Wheels model.So far, the list of cars that will enter the semifinals scheduled for later in 2022 includes a bespoke including a custom sports car named Lulu’s Speedster, A 1941 GMC Baja truck, 740 horsepower 1969 Dodge Charger Called Sklaptona, A shredded 1929 Ford Model A car Called Lucy, and And the Opel Manta in 1975.

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