For many of us, our default bob look is a straight-forward, straight-haired style that closely resembles the look of 1960s Vidal Sassoon fashion hair models. Like many hairstyles that look like blow-dry hair, it can feel like an over-the-shoulder bob is no easy feat.But as hairstylist Joseph Maine in a new lure Skinfluencer video, this classic style of curls looks incredible when you (and your stylist) follow a few key tips.

Model Abby started off with a mid-part, shoulder-length hair, but Maine plans to give her what he calls one of the “trunkiest hairstyles we’ll see” in 2022, a bob. “I’m going to cut the line before I part her hair,” he said, cutting some length off the dry hair. “Then, once it’s really nice and bundled together, I curl the curls and really polish the look.”

After Abby’s hair was wet, Maine sprayed the curls with Color Wow Dream Coat, followed by Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. These help define her curls when he “bundles” them – which is basically wrapping each curl around a heat-free rod to help create the desired shape.

Color Wow Dream Curly Coat

“I’m going to go ahead and lift her roots with these no-frills little clips from Trademark Beauty,” Maine says before using the brand’s Speedy Blo hair dryer and its diffuser attachment. “I’ll start at the roots, let the roots get really nice and dry, and then work through the rest of her hair.”

Pink Logo Beauty Speedy Blo Hair Dryer with Four Accessories on White Background

Logo Beauty Speedy Blo Hair Dryer

Once her hair is dry, Maine cuts a few more pieces to help shape the bob and give her a fun, deep side part with lots of volume. Abby is beaming, and we’ll be beaming too – which opens up a whole new world of curly hair possibilities.

Watch the entire video below:

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