Lewis Hamilton, a few days ago in the Belgian GP race, after closing Fernando Alonso too much, ended up crashing.

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The magnitude of the impact was 45G, an immense force. The curious thing is that the British He was able to get out of the car on his own without any help.

But that is not all, but in the first instance the seven-time world champion did not go to the doctor after the incident.

Thus, he was warned by the circuit commissioners and there he did go to check himself to make sure that no serious mishap had happened to him.

The other news for the Mercedes driver is that the engine suffered damage and if you can’t use it you would have a penalty.

If Lewis Hamilton is penalized it will not be easy for him to come back, since Zandvoort It is a circuit with few overtaking zones.

In fact, the head of strategy at Mercedes, James Vowles, confirm the magnitude of the impact with the following words.

James Vowles’ words on Lewis Hamilton

“It was a big, very big impact”, “The car’s SDR sensor registered 45G, which is very large in a vertical impact.

It seems likeLewis Hamilton is doing well physically so, except for a few surprises, he will be driving the Mercedes in the Netherlands.

“I think he is frustrated, because he had a very fast car and it was possible to get on the podium. But both he and all of us are here to fight and keep moving forward.” says Vowles speaking of Hamilton’s frustration.

“What we noticed almost immediately after impact on the ground was a loss of coolant.«, Vowles speaks about the reason for the abandonment of Lewis Hamilton.

What do you think about Lewis Hamilton’s accident and James Vowles’ words?